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We design instruments and techniques to sense and control physical systems. Medical devices and manufacturing inspection systems are a particular focus. We develop and combine electromechanical systems, complex algorithms, and computation systems to create instruments and measurement solutions for problems that are otherwise intractable.

Our research and product development interests cross the boundaries of computer vision, acoustic and ultrasonic imaging, large‐scale computation and simulation, optimization, metrology, autonomous systems, and robotics. We use computation, and computer science, as a methodology for attacking complex instrumentation problems – our work combines mathematical modeling, simulation, optimization, and experimental observations, to develop instruments and measurement solutions.


Latest Updates

Graduate students create on-campus assembly factory for fiber extrusion devices. See here for more details.

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Two of the lab’s recent papers in Nature Scientific Reports have been featured. Robin Singh’s work on developing a nanoscale flashlight on a chip is described here.

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Lab members Ivan Goryachev, Ryan Koeppen, and Shawn Zhang, are developing a thermal trailer and kiosks that could be deployed on campus during the Covid-19 pandemic. The thermal trailers screens asymptomatic individuals using thermal cameras for elevated temperatures prior to Covid-19 testing. More info here.

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The immersion lab is MIT’s first open-access facility for AR/VR and interacting with data.  “The facility offers a new and much-needed laboratory to individuals and programs grappling with how to wield, shape, present, and interact with data in innovative ways”  Full story here.

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The 4th annual SENSE.nano Symposium took place back in September this year.  Watch the full video of the day 1 keynote here. Full agenda for the event. Watch videos of the event.

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Ou lab has been developing kiosks on MIT’s campus that uses thermal cameras to screen for elevated temperatures before a patient gets swab tested for Covid-19. Article here.

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